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  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Powerful apps with user accounts
  • Scheduling client synced mobile and web
  • Surveys featured on your app and site
  • Create and manage apps online
  • No programming knowledge or developers

Apps for Any Size Event

Build apps for events  

Create an Event App Now

  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • List all Event Info on an App for Attendees
  • Detailed Live Maps with Event Locations
  • Provide forms for Attendance information
  • Push Attendees Valuable Info in Real Time

Make Your Restaurant The Place To Be

Create apps for Restaurant  

Create a Restaurant App

  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Fill Tables with 24/7 Mobile Scheduling
  • Surveys for improving customer satisfaction
  • Order Take Out for Pick Up or Delivery
  • Push Notify customers Specials & Coupons

Mobile Motivation

Maintain apps for gyms, fitness clubs  

Create a Fitness App

  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Schedule Appointments with Trainers
  • Surveys for improving customer satisfaction
  • Display Fitness Programs and Track Progress
  • Push Notify customers Specials & News
  • Forms for Recording Progress and Sharing Results

Music to Fan’s Phones

Build apps for Music, Bands, Orchestra, Symphony businesses  

Create a Music App

  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Keep Followers More Informed Than Ever
  • Display Performance Dates and Locations
  • Create Forms for Fans and Followers
  • Integrate with your Media Pages
  • Push Info to Followers Directly
  • Make Extra Cash by featuring Sponsor Ads

For the 21st Century Attorney

Build apps for Legal businesses, Attorneys, Lawyers and courts  

Create Law App

  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Fill Your Calendar with 24/7 App Scheduling
  • Improve Customer Service from Feedback
  • One Touch Dialing and Directions
  • Important Information on Users’ Phones
  • Allow Image Uploads for Accident Files

Your Personal Realty App

Build apps for your real estate business, realtors, home communities  

Create Realty App

  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Improve Customer Service from Feedback
  • Fill Your Calendar with 24//7 App Scheduling
  • One Touch Dialing and Directions
  • Generate Cash by Featuring Ads for Partners
  • Display all Your Listings for On-the-Go Access

A Receptionist, In Your Patients’ Pockets

Create apps for Physicians, Medical Groups, Hospital, Healthcare, ACO businesses  

Create Physician App

  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Fill Your Calendar with 24/7 App Scheduling
  • Feature Forms for Patients to Fill Ahead of Time
  • Display Important Insurance Information
  • Get Patient Feedback to Improve Service

An App for Every Adventure

Build apps for Adventure Parks, Places, Miniature Golf Courses, Museums, Entertainment centers  

Create Place App

  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Detailed Maps with Location Info
  • Push Live Updates to Engage Patrons
    and Generate Return Visits
  • Feature Ads for Nearby Businesses

Unparalleled Site & App Capabilities

Build Site & App Now

  • Update your App or Site anywhere & anytime
  • Edits synced across devices in real time
  • Embed our CETs on any site, Fast & Easy
  • Assign Tasks to manage workforce
  • All tools located in easy to use Dashboard
  • Integrate with other popular Schedulers
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The power to make/change appointments on your customer’s phones. Synced to the cloud with our Scheduling Customer Engagement Tool.


Push Notifications

Utilize push notifications to communicate directly and quickly to customers with your app. Promote daily specials, appointment openings, and more with Push.



Equip sites and mobile apps with our Surveys Customer Engagement Tools to generate customer feedback and improve services.

Technology Enabling Your Success

Content Management image

Content Management

Allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central Dashboard page. This enables businesses to change the app anytime and easily modify it without any programming.

Service Integration image

Service Integration

eCloudBiz is committed to integrate not only with common media and social tools, but more importantly back end scheduling and complex software using REST web services/SOA.

Cloud Hosting image

Cloud Hosting

It is our responsibility to keep the infrastructure and the system software top shape at all times. Rely on our cloud hosting and software 24/7 that allows you to update your app anytime.